Dampness is a state of excess accumulation of moisture in the walls of a house. This can severely affect the lifespan of a wall and also, it majorly disrupts the looks of a house. Imagine all the money that you have spent in buying a new home, while dampness can make it look at least a year old.

The climate in the state of Florida is humid for most time of the year. This can tremendously contribute to high moisture or dampness in a house. If in case, proper materials are not used, it can seriously disturb its core foundation, especially due to high moisture in the Floridian air. Even in a newly constructed house, it is not always about the materials that are being utilized, but the quality of the installation process also matters,

So, it becomes important for the buyer to have a RESNET inspector to perform an inspection before finalizing the purchase.

There are some signs that can tell you about the rising signs of dampness:


  • Peeling wallpaper or the paint just above the skirting board.
  • Mould just above the skirting board.
  • Watermark or patch near the bottom part of the floor.

If you suspect such signs of rising damp in or around your walls, make sure you get them checked by a professional building inspector for new homes. Early precautions can help you save a fortune in the future. A professional expert can help you by checking the source of the dampness. They use equipment like the moisture detector or moisture meter, which help you detect some of the damp areas of your house or the ones that are prone. This can help in detecting some even serious matters like leaking pipes in a wall, or roof leakages so that you can take up necessary steps before actually buying the house. In case the moisture meter shows that the inside of the walls is dry then it is most likely that the cause of the damn is poor ventilation.

Here are some of the reasons for dampness in your house:

  • Improper waterproofing of the walls- External and internal
  • The improper slope on the roof, water stagnation in a corner
  • Improper grouting of the washroom tiles
  • Leaking plumbing lines
  • Seepages and improper flow of the drainage pipes/downspouts

Consequences of Dampness

  • The moisture walls can severely affect the paint or wallpaper on the walls of the house.
  • Can seriously affect the aesthetics of the building
  • Moisture can damage the wooden parts like wardrobe, flooring, cabins, etc.
  • The rebars can get corroded and start spoiling the walls.
  • Due to alkane present in the moisture, the concrete floors start to get carbonated which can affect the durability of the structure.
  • Fungus growth on the walls.
  • Moisture can accelerate the growth and breeding of termites and mosquitoes.
  • Metal fixture can get corroded severely due to moisture present in the walls.

Ways to Address Dampness:

There are many ways you can address this problem. The first and foremost is through proper inspection of your new home. A professional and an experienced home inspector can help you detect the root cause and suggest ways to rectify the situation.

Here are some more ways to prevent and address the prevailing situation:

  • Check the external drain pipelines, outlets, and downspouts. Seal it properly and make sure there are no leakages in the joints.
  • Check and mend for any breakage in the plumbing lines. Also, make sure that the wall is dried completely.
  • The gaps created due to improper grouting of tiles in the washrooms are fixed and sealed using proper grout material.
  • Walls to be painted/plastered with a proper waterproof paint or chemical for avoiding any dampness in the walls.
  • Rectify the slant situation on the roofs to help avoid any stagnation of water on the roofs.
  • Making proper arrangements for the water drainage situation of the house.

Buying a new house brings in a lot of responsibilities as well as consideration that you need to look into. It is best advised for you to look out for a professional house inspections service that can help you with all the precautionary steps you need to take before buying a house. They can also help you make the final call in this regard and give you the true value of the house you are willing to purchase.